Potential Ways to Get a Free Laptop for low income Families

July 06 19:34 2022

People often ask This question how to get a free laptop without doing anything. Or how to get a free laptop? Honestly, none wasn’t really sure. Google searches yielded results. Unfortunately, some of these free laptop deals just didn’t exist.

However, there are legit and genuine sources where A needy can actually get a free laptop. Yes, a laptop without paying anything. There are several programs that provide free laptops or computers to low-income families and college students to bridge the digital divide in the United States.

It sounds amazing. But before they continue, they warn  that these free laptops are not for everyone. Generally, only Americans who live below the poverty line or cannot afford it for real reasons can get these laptops.

Here he is going to list different ways to get a free laptop. Check if they are eligible before applying.

13 ways to get a free laptop for Needy

After extensive research online, they present this list of 13 legit and genuine ways to get a free laptop. It may take a bit of effort to get one. However, the efforts will eventually pay off.

1. Globetops

Globetops is an American charitable organization with a worldwide presence. If they are a student and have an amazing project, They might be eligible for a free laptop from this charity. Global tops allow donors to donate laptops or donate money to purchase computers through their Career Centre laptop program.

To get a free laptop from Globetops, they need to submit an online form. They need to give good reasons why they need a laptop. They also ask Person who need laptop to send photos of himself and project, before donating a laptop.

This charity mainly donates laptops to deserving people in various countries, but also provides a PC to people who really need it. They provide a free laptop in the US if Someone qualify.

2. Computers for the classroom

Are they ready to volunteer for a free laptop? Explore volunteer opportunities with Computers for Classroom (CFC). The person who want to participate must volunteer for at least 50 hours with SWC to qualify. They have several volunteer opportunities. The participant can find one in local area.

CFC accepts donations of old but usable PCs, laptops and other equipment. Their volunteers restore computers and laptops for children. These computers and laptops are offered at very low rates to schools, families of veterans, low-income families with students, and seniors.

3. Dell Exchange and Recycling Program

In fact, The needy person can get a newer laptop for free from Dell. But this requires additional effort. This large American computer manufacturing company runs its Dell Trade-In & Recycle program. Under this program, The needy one can salvage old computers, laptops, and other equipment that people want to throw away.

Pick up these items and redeem them with Dell for coupons. However, it is not as simple as it seems. Dell will have to check what they accept. And how much Dell will pay him in coupons.

Collecting used and old computers that people no longer need and trading them in with Dell can get them enough coupons to buy a shiny new laptop.

4. US Government Benefits.

The United States government provides all kinds of assistance to needy students and their families. There are several benefit programs available to bridge the digital divide and help students from economically weaker families get money or other things.

Under the US government benefits program, The needy students can get a laptop for free. However, Applicant must complete all documents and provide verifiable evidence when requesting a laptop or the money to buy one. This government college student free laptop assistance is available to students and their families in multiple categories.

There are several programs where students and low-income families can also get a free laptop and internet. The government will not buy a laptop or a computer. Instead, he will give them money to buy one.

5. Computers with causes

Computers With Causes (CWC) is an American charity that donates free laptops and computers to low-income families and students who cannot afford them. CWC operates in all states of the United States.

CWC accept donations of computers, laptops and other equipment from the public. CWC refurbish these free laptops for college students and then give them away to students and families who don’t have the resources to buy a laptop.

Getting a free laptop from CWC can be quite easy if Someone qualify. Complete and submit the online request form on their website to request a free laptop. Please provide all the necessary details to enable the proper processing of him or her request.

6. Redeem loyalty points

Generally, each credit or debit card comes with a loyalty program. That means That can get points every time someone buy something from grocery stores or electronics or anything with credit cards. Walmart and Target also have loyalty programs that allow them to earn unlimited cash back points.

Card holders can accumulate and redeem these rebate points for a free laptop, if applicable. Loyalty points often have expiration dates. Card holders lose them if they don’t use them by a particular date. Check with the credit/debit card issuer if they have signed up for one of these loyalty programs.

7. Microsoft Rewards

Have they heard of Microsoft Rewards? It’s a loyalty program from the largest software services company in the world: Microsoft. Simply visit the Microsoft Rewards website and complete the online registration form. Microsoft awards him rewards points for each online activity they perform through its website or participating partners.

Participant can earn points by simply using Bing as his search engine, playing Microsoft games, and buying or updating their software online from its official website. These points can be redeemed for everything from software to gaming consoles and of course laptops.

8. Apple Exchange

Want an Apple MacBook? Surely. If they are up for a little work, it’s actually possible to get an Apple MacBook for free. Gather used computers, laptops and smartphones from any brand and, if possible, some from Apple as well. Many people donate unnecessary things, including Apple products, to charity.

Return this stuff through the Apple Trade In program. They accept Apple and third-party devices. Check their website to see which devices he can trade in. Apple rewards him with coupons to buy its own products like iPhone and MacBook. Collect coupons until Someone has enough to get a free laptop, Apple’s coveted MacBook.

9. American Hope Resources

The charity American Hope Resources runs a laptop computer distribution program for deserving students, families and people facing various difficulties. Participant of needy can request a free laptop from AHR as part of their support programs.

To get a free laptop, become an AHR member. They have various benefits for different areas. Once they successfully register, they can ask for help to get a free laptop.

Describe why they need the laptop and the difficulties That someone have. An online resource on the AHR website helps people to verify eligibility for a free laptop.

10. Star of Virginia

Do you reside in the Commonwealth of Virginia? If so, contact Virginia Star for a free laptop. It is a program run by the Alliance for Technology Refurbishing & Reuse (AFTRR) that provides a free laptop to children, needy students and families. They also donate free computers and laptops to schools.

The Virginia Star program covers 77 schools in 49 school districts in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Resident of verginia must submit an online form and proof of income, among other documents, to apply for a free laptop.

11. Join School/University Online

Students can get free laptops when they enroll in an online course at a school, college, or university. Northwestern Missouri State University is a good example of such facilities. These laptops are internet ready and have all the necessary features to help Students in study the course online.

There is one downside to getting these free student laptops from an online school or college – their tuition and other fees are quite high. However, students on scholarships and scholarships are also eligible for these laptops.

12. Work from Home / Remote Workers

If someone is doing job can benefit from a free laptop for jobs where the person can work from home. Free laptops are provided as part of benefits for employees who employ remote workers. Some employers will ask someone to buy a laptop in instalments and pay the money with weekly or monthly salary.

There are many debates about whether remote workers should be provided with the equipment they need for their job. A laptop, a smartphone and a free internet connection are some of those things. Thousands of employers across the United States are now providing free laptops to remote workers and those working from home.

13. Connected

ConnectEd is a US government initiative since 2013 that aims to provide free government internet and laptops in all US public schools. Funds come from the US government, while private partners, including Adobe Systems, Autodesk, Apple, AT&T, Microsoft and others, sponsor essential products, software and free devices.

Visit their official website to know eligibility for a free laptop loan or grant and apply.

Under ConnectEd, launched by the Obama administration, companies like Sprint will provide one million high school students who lack internet connectivity with devices and other essentials.

Other partners have also launched similar initiatives. For example, Apple has donated $100 million worth of iPads and MacBooks among other products under this initiative.


These 13 ways will answer  question on how to get a free computer. They are neither easy nor simple. However, with the right effort, the needy who need a laptop can easily get free laptops. Needy can get a new laptop for free in some cases. But, in general, the laptops that are given away are old or refurbished.

These laptops will definitely meet Individual needs, at least for now. A word of warning before we wrap up: there are several free scam laptops out there on the internet. Beware of those. Moreover, the ways to get free laptops that I have described above are all legit and genuine. People can definitely trust him.

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