Hotfriescoin The Bitcoin Killer a New Asset Class Called Stable Progressive Coin

January 22 05:31 2022
Hotfriescoin is emerging as A New Asset Class cryptocurrency called Stable Progressive Coin that only increases in value and never decreases. It has become the most powerful store of value currency. It is the bitcoin killer

Hotfriescoin is the latest cryptocurrency to be launched in the crypto market. Stablecoin and defi protocols are very popular, and the team at Hotfriescoin has created a new Asset Class called Stable Progressive Coin. It is expected to be built on top of all the widely available stablecoins and has the potential of being a sure medium of exchange with a strong store of value.

Stable progressive currencies involve the creation of an asset that will continuously increase in value and will not decrease even if a sell or buy transaction takes place. This is enabled by the introduction of a fees protocol and a real-time algorithm supply adjustment called EIS (Elastic Infinite Supply).

The creators of Hotfriescoin include a team of cryptocurrencies veterans made up of mathematicians, economists, and computer scientists. The company based in Oklahoma City is led by Wilfried Kouadio, Pravin Kumar, Rahul Menaria, Shruti Jane, Paroze Khan, Fasih Haider, and Zainab Muzaffar. They believe Hotfriescoin will significantly change the state of cryptocurrency. It is expected to outrun other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, to take the number one spot.

Today, many people fall victim to Crypto schemes (rug pull, pump and dump, flash loan attack, etc…) or end up paying a lot of money to invest in it and often end up losing all they have invested. The Hotfriescoin team has been researching cryptocurrency for years. They are tired of the greed and fraud that has taken over the industry and have created a new asset class that will generate astronomical profits for its holders without exposure to crypto threats while being entirely fair and fully decentralized.

Hotfriescoin is on a mission to give people from various backgrounds across the globe a chance to grow their wealth tremendously and creates financial access for them. People can benefit significantly from the innovative protocols that allow users to earn interest from simply buying and holding. As soon as transactions occur in the network, the fees are continuously paid to the coin holders. Hotfriescoin is the newest BSC DEX, built entirely on stablecoin and will soon be available on most major networks.

For more information about Hotfriescoin, visit or contact them via [email protected].

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