MORSE Unveils Game-Changing Features at the 2023 SocialFi Ecosystem Event in Hong Kong

September 12 13:08 2023

Global Economic Downturn Ushers in the Rise of Social Finance

With the rapid advancement of the digital era, social media has become an indispensable platform for people to communicate, share information, and establish personal brands. Many individuals actively leverage social media to expand their influence and convert it into economic gains, such as through ad revenue, sponsorship collaborations, and online education. However, in the current landscape of widespread adoption and monopolization of major social platforms, the social value of the average person has been severely diluted. Not only have they missed out on the platform’s dividend period profits, but their personal data rights are also left unprotected.

The emergence of Web3 social interaction has granted users greater agency, reshaping the paradigm of social ownership. Concurrently, Social Finance has emerged as a breakthrough, seamlessly integrating finance with social networks in an entirely new way. This allows more individuals to augment their digital assets through social value, especially in the current global economic downturn. People are increasingly eager to use social media platforms to supplement their income. Moreover, through decentralized encryption technology and DAO mechanisms, users have gained control over their social data.

Discovering the Dark Horse in the SocialFi Race: MORSE

In May 2021, MORSE quietly initiated its operations in Europe. After over two years of dedicated refinement, it now boasts over 130,000 users globally, with its influence continually expanding. MORSE not only enables users to grow their earnings through social interactions, but it also ensures users have autonomous control over their data, making it easy to operate with low entry barriers. It truly empowers users to engage in secure conversations while effortlessly earning.

MORSE’s European founding team comprises professionals with extensive experience in financial technology and the blockchain industry. They collectively strive to create an open, secure, and efficient SocialFi platform, offering users an unprecedented social experience and WEB3 services.

MORSE’s global CBD, Zoli, once stated, “Our vision is to develop this product into the ‘Morse Code’ of the modern instant messaging domain—a trusted network. Through an economic incentive model, we aim to enable users’ self-development and community co-construction. Users not only create data in Morse, but also generate value, enjoying the long-term value dividends produced by data.”

MORSE: The Factors that Attract a Multitude of Users

Security and Privacy: MORSE prioritizes security and privacy. It employs end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only the sender and receiver can decrypt and access the communication. This means that even Morse itself cannot access the content of user communication, providing the highest level of privacy protection.

Decentralization: MORSE firmly believes that decentralization is the future trend. Its underlying protocol adopts the open-source, interactive, and decentralized communication protocol Matrix. This ensures that social interaction is not controlled by a single entity, providing users with more autonomy and control.

Economic Incentives: At MORSE, users have over ten ways to earn rewards, including DAO community rewards, evangelism rewards, behavioral computing power rewards, and referral registration rewards. This means that users can increase their digital assets through social activities, maximizing the economic value of social interaction and driving the prosperity of the ecosystem.

Ecosystem Building: MORSE is not just a social platform, but a vast ecosystem. As a global encrypted social DAO ecosystem, it covers various fields including social, education, conferences, training, and boasts an independent Morse DEX and the MorsePools application ecosystem, providing users with a more diverse range of applications and experiences.

SocialFi has become an irreversible global trend. MORSE, with its forward-looking product model and powerful ecosystem, will provide users with a secure, efficient, and diversified SocialFi experience, injecting new vitality into the WEB3 world.


MORSE will hold its ECOSYSTEM EVENT in Hong Kong, Asia, on September 16, 2023. They will be unveiling their quantified product “Pooolse,” the ecosystem game “eternalharvest,” and limited-edition NFTs.

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