Media Professionals Selects “Peanuts of the Ozark Hills” by Paul Neel Jr. for Film Adaptation Project

September 07 20:44 2023
The book chronicles the rural family life and escapades of a young boy, nicknamed ‘Peanuts,’ growing up in 1930s Missouri.

DreamBooks Media Professionals, a renowned media company specializing in adapting diverse stories for the screen, has handpicked “Peanuts of the Ozark Hills” for its upcoming film adaptation project. Written by Missouri native Paul, the non-fiction book chronicles the rural family life and escapades of a young boy, nicknamed ‘Peanuts,’ growing up in 1930s Missouri.

The book provides a nostalgic glimpse into a simpler time marked by resourcefulness, faith, and strong family bonds. From fishing outings necessary for survival, playful tricks on grandparents, the enduring impact of childhood nicknames, and the pivotal role of pets to a profound relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, “Peanuts of the Ozark Hills” is a heartwarming collection of true stories.

DreamBooks Media Professionals performs a quarterly submission of diverse stories in a specific genre required by film companies. These stories are then submitted to small, medium, or large-sized film companies for potential adaptation. The selection of “Peanuts of the Ozark Hills” underscores the ongoing demand for authentic and heartfelt stories that resonate with audiences of all ages.

The author, Paul Neel Jr., is a former torpedo man, commercial diver, and Missouri Department of Corrections captain who has turned to writing, fishing, woodworking, and gardening after losing his eyesight and retiring. He currently resides in a small rural town in Southwest Missouri with his wife, Laura, of forty-seven years, and their two dogs, Annie and Abbie.

“We are incredibly honored to have the opportunity to bring the heartwarming stories of ‘Peanuts’ to a wider audience,” said a spokesperson for DreamBooks Media Professionals. “Paul’s depiction of rural life in the Ozarks during the 1930s is both authentic and touching, and we believe it will translate beautifully onto the screen.”

While details of the film adaptation are still under wraps, the selection of “Peanuts of the Ozark Hills” by DreamBooks Media Professionals is a significant step towards bringing these timeless stories to a new generation of viewers.

For any commercial inquiry, users can visit the official website of Dream Books Media Professionals. The paperback version of Peanuts of the Ozark Hills by Paul Neel Jr. is available for sale on Amazon

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