Creative Biolabs to Share Drug Discovery Insights at the 20th European Drug Discovery Event

September 05 07:15 2023
Creative Biolabs, a globally renowned leader in life sciences dedicated to new drug discovery, is excited to introduce its innovative insights into drug discovery at the 20th European Drug Discovery Innovation & Outsourcing Programme, taking place from September 12-13, 2023, in Spain.

New York, USA – September 4, 2023 – From September 12-13, 2023, the prestigious 20th European Drug Discovery Innovation & Outsourcing Programme will unfold in Spain, focusing on the realm of new drug discovery and pharmaceutical development. Creative Biolabs stands as a proud partner of this event, ready to showcase its comprehensive array of services in drug discovery during the vendor exhibition hours spanning September 12-13.

“We are elated to be a partner in the 20th European Drug Discovery Innovation,” said one of the attending scientists. “We are posed to unveil our most recent advancements in drug discovery services to scientists and researchers from across the globe in the event.”

Creative Biolabs has a remarkable track record in creating diverse animal models and has recently enhanced its services, including but not limited to humanized mouse models and animal PK/PD models. Key highlights of these services are outlined below, and Creative Biolabs’ scientists will expound further during the 20th European Drug Discovery Innovation.

* Humanized Mouse Models: Diverse humanized mouse models are available at Creative Biolabs, such as immune checkpoint knock-in mouse models, humanized PBL SCID mice, humanized SRC SCID mice, and humanized BLT mice, which are able to fulfill various requirements of research projects.

* Animal PK/PD Models: Based on years of experience in pharmacology and pharmacodynamics studies, Creative Biolabs provides pharmacology and pharmacodynamics analyses and builds various animal models to describe the time course of effect in response to drug dosing.

“In this event, we will also provide an in-depth overview of our insights in drug safety,” added a scientist representing Creative Biolabs at the event. “Our toxicity test services boast three pivotal features, including high throughput toxicity screening and high content analysis, well-established in vitro models, and customizable protocols, designed to expedite research progress.”

Dozens of therapeutic discovery projects have benefited from drug discovery services at Creative Biolabs in recent years, demonstrating that this company is a trusted partner in this field.

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About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a US-based biotechnology company at the forefront of delivering innovative services to address the challenges of global drug discovery. Services span a spectrum from humanized mouse models to animal PK/PD models and toxicity testing services. A team of dedicated scientists and researchers will actively participate in this event, presenting our cutting-edge technologies and solutions aimed at advancing research progress.

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