Dot Com Infoway Joins Forces With Bautomate: Powering Low-Code Automation in Indonesia and Thailand

September 04 12:27 2023
Dot Com Infoway Joins Forces With Bautomate: Powering Low-Code Automation in Indonesia and Thailand
Dot Com Infoway, a leading mobile app development and marketing company based in India, has unveiled a collaboration with Bautomate in both Indonesia and Thailand.

Dot Com Infoway (DCI), the leading IT service provider is excited to announce its official partnership with Bautomate in Indonesia and Thailand.

This strategic collaboration between Dot Com Infoway and Bautomate marks a significant step towards revolutionizing automation solutions for businesses in these regions. The partnership will combine Bautomate’s cutting-edge automation technology with Dot Com Infoway’s expertise in digital marketing, mobile app development, and web solutions.

Bautomate’s low-code automation platform offers a wide range of features, empowering businesses to streamline their operations, optimize processes, and achieve greater efficiency. With intelligent workflow automation and seamless data integration, Bautomate’s solutions cater to diverse industries and business needs. 

Dot Com Infoway’s reputation as a reliable technology company and its commitment to delivering high-quality solutions make it an ideal partner for Bautomate’s expansion into Indonesia and Thailand. Together, they will empower businesses to thrive and succeed in the dynamic and competitive market landscape.

Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Venkatesh C.R, CEO of Dot Com Infoway said “We are really happy to partner with Bautomate for the Indonesian and Thailand Markets. We are confident that we can leverage our existing network in the 2 countries for effectively marketing Bautomate.”

Mr. Prasanna.S, CEO of Bautomate, expressed “Partnering with Dot Com Infoway is a strategic move for Bautomate as we expand our reach into Southeast Asia. Their industry expertise and commitment to excellence perfectly complement our automation solutions. We are confident that this collaboration will open up new possibilities for businesses in Indonesia and Thailand.” 

Both Dot Com Infoway and Bautomate are excited about the possibilities this partnership brings. They are committed to providing value-driven solutions and are confident that their combined strengths will open up new opportunities for businesses in Indonesia and Thailand. 

For more information about the partnership between Dot Com Infoway and Bautomate and the low-code automation solutions they offer, please visit or

About Dot Com Infoway (DCI):

Dot Com Infoway is a globally recognized IT company, delivering exceptional solutions and services in web development, mobile app development, digital marketing, and more. With a team of skilled professionals and a proven track record of successful projects, DCI caters to clients across various industries, helping them achieve their business goals effectively.

About Bautomate:

Bautomate is a leading provider of automation software, offering state-of-the-art solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries. Their powerful automation platform enables businesses to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and achieve remarkable growth. Bautomate is dedicated to helping companies harness the power of automation to unlock their full potential.

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