The 18th China Changchun Film Festival is “in its youth” in the “Cinema Cradle City”.

September 01 23:09 2023

Changchun – Movies, in Changchun, have become a classic symbol that never fades.

From August 28th to September 2nd, the 18th China Changchun Film Festival (CCFF) were held in Changchun, the city of the “Cradle of Chinese Cinema”, where guests gathered to recount the legend of cinema.

From 1992 to 2023, CCFF has reached its 18th session, spanning 31 years. The Festival has already crossed the “age of 30 years old”, but it is also “in its youth”.

Mayor of Changchun City, Mr. Wang Zilian, said that after more than 30 years, the scale effect of CCFF has continued to expand, and the value of the brand has been increasingly enhanced, and it has become a grand cultural occasion that is renowned at home and abroad, and has become the most beautiful city highlight of Changchun.

This year’s Festival, putting people at the center, is tasked with serving of the film industry in an aim to empower Changchun’s cultural industry … It is showcasing the latest actions of building a cultural powerhouse and seeking new breakthroughs in Changchun, a film city, with a bold attitude of innovation.

Promoting new breakthroughs in the quality of film judgement and exhibitions with a focus on the people

As the first film festival named after a city in China, CCFF was born, sprouted and flourished under the profound cultural accumulation of Changchun Film Studio. CCFF has played a vital role in boosting the development of Chinese movies.

This year’s Festival has added the annual theme of “New Breakthrough” into the regular theme of “New Era, New Cradle, and New Power”, referring to the film role and cultural responsibility of “comprehensive revitalization and realization of new breakthroughs” in Changchun.

With the concepts of “people-centeredness” and “professionalism” as its philosophy, the Festival combines professional quality and people’s feelings. In this year’s competition, there are grand themes, luxurious productions and impressive scenes, as well as narrow themes, ordinary characters and specific angles, which capture the dynamics of the world and interpret the world from multiple dimensions, presenting the different styles of China’s stories in the new era in a multi-dimensional way.

During the Festival, in addition to cinema screenings, activities such as open-air screenings, public service screenings, “film songs for everyone” and other forms were carried out to fully meet the intellectual and cultural needs of the film viewers.

Since August 27, quite a few audiences have started to walk into the 11 theaters designated by the Film Festival to participate in the international film festival activities carried out in the film exhibition section.

Sun Yiming, who finished watching 12 Angry Men: The Great Judgment at the Changchun Film Studio Cinema, said, “Every film festival is like celebrating a traditional festival for us. As a local, I feel extremely happy.”

Serving the movie industry and promoting new breakthroughs in the forum organization

It is learned that the Festival covers six units of the main activities including the opening and closing ceremonies, film awards, film screenings, film forums, pay tribute to the “movie cradle”, and the market integration, which has provided a platform for experts and scholars and industry insiders to discuss the Chinese film industry.

It is the mission and responsibility of this year’s CCFF to serve the film industry and promote the forum to achieve “new breakthroughs” in terms of quality.

This year, as the “wind vane” of Chinese movies, China Film New Power Forum is held in Changchun for the third time. The theme of the forum is “New Era – New Journey – New Power – Movies and Audiences Together”. Nearly 100 young film producers, producers, screenwriters and directors, who are active in the market, will integrate the new power of China’s film industry and jointly promote the sustained and sound development of China’s film industry at the starting point of China’s film.

At the same time, five forums and seminars will be held during the Festival. A variety of events such as film and TV industry seminars, theme forum of “Discussing Drama and Seeking for the Essence”, Micro Short Drama Industry Innovation and High-Quality Development Conference, seminar on Integration and Development of Film and Television Art Education, and Film and Television Science and Technology Innovation Forum were held to pool wisdom and talents for the creation of film scripts and film and television science and technology innovations.

Empowering the cultural industry to make new breakthroughs in film industry

At present, the cultural industry has become an important pillar industry for economic growth. Changchun has been exploring how to give full play to high-quality cultural and tourism resources to help revitalize the old industrial base in Northeast China.

At the beginning of 2020, the Changchun International Film Capital project (CIFC) came into being after the development blueprint of creating a globally renowned film and television cultural powerhouse was outlined under the strategy of “four sections” for Changchun’s high-quality development.

It is learned that CIFC covers an area of 1051 square kilometers, with the development goal of passing on China’s film and television culture and building a global powerhouse for the whole industry chain of film and television, giving full play to the cultural heritage of Changchun film as the cradle of China’s cinema and the advantages of rich ecological resources in the region, and comprehensively creating an international film industry chain base!

CIFC focuses on the development of three leading industries: film and television culture and tourism, life and health, and digital industry, and builds six bases of film and television shooting bases, 5G digital film and television bases, film and television education bases, film and television tourism bases, film and television incubation bases, film and television headquarters bases, and builds the whole digital film and television industry chain of script incubation, film and television financing, film and television production, advertisement implantation, cloud auditing, cloud distribution, and integrates the industries of animation, gaming, short video, conference and exhibition, and tourism, so as to build the pan-culture and entertainment ecosystem.

According to Changchun City’s plan, by 2025, the completion of CIFC is expected to bring more than 10 million visitors per year, and the output value of the leading industries and main business income will exceed 200 billion yuan. The engine that leads Changchun’s cultural and tourism industry toward the road of innovation and integration has been started at full speed, and will become a new force to promote Changchun to the world in a new manner.

“Film industry” and “city development” reinforce each other to promote revitalization through culture

Wonderful film and television cultural characteristics of the neighborhood – Changchun Film Carnival, Former Site Museum of Changchun Film Studio, film-themed elements can be seen everywhere in the city, high starting point planning and construction of the Changchun International Film Capital …… in Changchun, you may have an interaction with the film at any time unexpectedly.

CCFF has contributed to the prosperity of Chinese movies and the success of Changchun city. With “film industry” and “city development” complementing each other, the cradle of Chinese cinema is steadily marching on the road of specialization and industrialization, injecting strong power and vitality into the revitalization Changchun.

CCFF has grown from an activity of judging, trading and exhibition of Chinese and foreign film films into a grand event integrating film, culture, economy and trade, science and technology, and tourism, which has greatly bolstered the tourism industry in Changchun.

Nowadays, Changchun, known as the “cradle of cinema”, relies on its deeply rooted film cultural genes, as well as its profound film cultural heritage and abundant resource endowments, with an emphasis on the development of the film industry as an industrial layout, promoting revitalization through culture, and making movies a more vivid expression in this city.

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