iNTRO Token Launching New Year with Metaverse Platform to follow

January 07 00:03 2022

As 2022 Begins, The Metaverse is all the craze, and the emergence of this new technology is about to take over the world as we know it. Much like the introduction of the internet in the early 90s, this virtual space is one we’ve never seen before. It will have an have an impact on everything, from social media platforms to entertainment, and everything in between. It is the continued evolution of the internet and is already proving to be just as historical.

To run amongst the giants, iNTRO has made a major pivot from releasing something good (Networking App) to giving our community something great… our virtual space, The iNTROVERSE.

This is a fully loaded platform that will launch on 2.2.22 with a lot of exciting programs and features, intended to push the Networking, Crypto, and NFT space further into the future of digital entertainment. We are reDeFining and revolutionizing connectivity between people, artists, creatives and businesses, while rewarding user loyalty with digital currency and automated NFTs to allow direct monetization of their following.

Our mission is to inspire human connection, both online and offline… or as we say, “in the real world”. We created iNTRO to maintain a harmonious balance between our immersive digital lives and the need for face-to-face interactions.

iNTRO is for the future in networking amongst diverse people that can embrace our fast-evolving worlds. This is for anyone that is interested in monetizing their interactions in a new tech space. This is for those who support the personal, creative, and/or business movements of others.

From bringing you the Debut Collection of the First Reggae NFT Album Art, to Upcoming collections with African Royalty and Entertainment starts… There’s a promising start to get INTROduced to the New Year.

On 1.1.22, iNTRO token to will be launching it’s token.

On 2.2.22, iNTRO will launch its fully loaded platform, The iNTROVERSE.

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