SendMe refuses to follow the rules and create a brand with style

October 01 17:21 2021

Away from noise and busyness, enjoy the peace of mind and body in leisure, listen to the skin with your fingertips, the new one-stop gift brand SendMe opens a warm care experience, so that every inch of skin can feel love carefully nourished.

Bling bling makes your heart beat

Nowadays, consumers have a more comprehensive and profound understanding of the concept of body care and skincare. They realize that body needs care just like facial beauty. The consumption behavior of body care is continuously refined and personalized.

As a new brand, SendMe opens a gift-style immersive experience, starting with body care, allowing consumers to receive warm gifts focused on ritual and satisfaction. Therefore, SendMe reject stylized stereotypes, makes a brand with temperature, selects global stuff with heart, returns the true companionship behind the gift, then impress you!

Brand new colorful packaging, enjoy starry sky SPA

SendMe reopen consumers self-exploration with a unique product perspective, independent and firm consumption philosophy, favoring personalized experience and innovation, exploring the preferences of young people, and providing precise services. Both two products packaging in novel styles, such as SendMe Starlight Body Wash with colorful dazzling lampholder, when closing the bathroom door, become the shining queen of night show. The Body Wash will take you to enjoy the starry sky SPA, roam freely in the bathroom and light up the big stage at night. Even if life is in a hurry, keep a place of freedom for your soul.

Whitening and fragrant at the same time

Just moisturizing is no longer the only requirement for body care. Ingredients such as niacinamide, retinol, hyaluronic acid have also begun to enter body care products, the trend of “body care” is unstoppable.

Fragrance has become a bonus of body care products. In addition to traditional fragrance, some niche and novel fragrance have been developed, such as SendMe’s Tone-up Body Lotion has sweet peach flavor. You are the walking peaches when you apply it. It instantly dispels tiredness, delights body and mind, and let you feeling gentle and peaceful.

Life is the release of physical and emotional freedom, a thoughtful gift can relieve the fatigue of a day. SendMe can completely soothe skin and soul in a warm, nourishing and pleasant fragrance. In the future, we will continue to exploit one-stop gift style and feel the happiness in life together.

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