Vascular Management Treats 3 Major Diseases with Minimally Invasive Techniques

August 13 03:55 2019
Vascular Management Treats 3 Major Diseases with Minimally Invasive Techniques

New Brunswick, NJ – Vascular Management Associates is a vascular treatment clinic that specializes in minimally invasive techniques. Using state-of-the-art surgical practices, they have innovated treatments of end-stage renal disease, peripheral arterial disease, and venous disease, three of the most common and severe vascular diseases.

End-stage renal disease (ESRD) results in the loss of kidney function. To treat this, Vascular Management Associates helps their patients through dialysis and any complications that may arise. Sometimes the access points to the blood vessels that are used for dialysis become blocked and must be cleared. The firm uses image-guided interventions to make sure that everything goes smoothly with little downtime for the patient. Their techniques have allowed patients quicker and smoother roads to recovery. More information on this treatment and information for booking an appointment is available on the clinic’s website at

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) involves the blockage of arteries to one’s extremities. The condition prevents oxygenated blood from reaching different areas of the body, such as the legs. While this disease is serious, Vascular Management Associates has developed methods to treat it with an outpatient procedure that only requires a pin-sized hole. This treatment has saved patients from amputation and saved lives without scarring and long recovery times.

Venous disease (VD) can lead to blood clots, such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can be life-threatening. Vascular Management Associates works to increase blood flow to decrease the risk of clots and severe health problems without requiring patients to spend significant time in the hospital.

The team at Vascular Management Associates is comprised of three medical doctors and a comprehensive support staff that helps patients to get the treatment they need quickly and fully. The three MDs each have a different specialty so that all problems can be treated. One of the doctors is a radiologist, another is a cardiologist, and the third is a surgeon. The firm offers hours on Saturday to help people with busy schedules and full-time jobs to receive treatment on their own schedule.

Patients have praised the company for helping them to relax and get through their treatment plan with ease. They have loved the support the company has given them with patience and attention to detail. While receiving a diagnosis for a vascular disease may be nerve-wracking, New Jersians have found a reassuring place to turn to in Vascular Management Associates.

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