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August 12 22:55 2019

Healthy hair is elastic, and it can resist lighter collisions, help the evaporation of sweat from the head and be easier to comb and shape. When your hair becomes dry and even begins to get tangled and broken, it becomes less elastic.

The elasticity of the hair refers to the ability of the hair to return to its original shape after being pulled to the longest extent. Normal dry hair can be stretched by 20% of its original length, while wet hair can be stretched by 40-60% of its original length.

Why is hair elastic? Hair is mainly composed of keratin, and there are two forms to of chemical bonds: one is a disulfide bond, and the other is a weak hydrogen bond. The disulfide bond is very stable, it guarantees the strength of the hair and will not affected by the moisture content of the air, as long as the hair is not permed, it can exist almost permanently.

The hydrogen bond responsible for about 50% of the elasticity of the hair is more fragile and sensitive to humidity. If the humidity of the air becomes higher, or the hair is wet, the hydrogen bond is easy to break. It will naturally stretch, and when the hair is dry, the hydrogen bonds will form again and the hair will return to its original state.

How to keep the hair elastic? First of all, it is necessary to perm hair less and protect it from strong sunlight, washing hair in a right way and dry hair in time after shampooing. Secondly, it is necessary to supplement keratin, vitamin B3 and vitamin B5 to the body for enhancing the toughness and elasticity of the hair. It is also advantageous to use a good shampoo to maintain the elasticity of the hair.

feisou NOURISHING SMOOTHING amino acid shampoo whose pH value is similar to the one of human scalp is mild and skin-friendly.

The plant essential oils are used to improve the unruly hair and restore the elasticity and luster of it. Jojoba seed oil in it from “magic shrubs” is rich in vitamin D and protein, which helps to improve coarse hair, and helps to moisturize hair and soften it. Tangerine peel oil in this shampoo is antibacterial and anti-oxidant, and it can promote the secretion of hyaluronic acid. The squalane and hydrolyzed keratin are used to supplement the nutrients to hair, repair the hair scales, condition hair and gain weight for it, and restore its fluffiness and elasticity.

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